Changing lives through the positive power of film

After producing his first film, Commitment & Sacrifice, filmmaker Norman Lloyd received overwhelming response from all who have seen it, including those now serving in uniform, military veterans and their families as well as those with no military service.

The positive feedback made Lloyd realize that his film had done the talking for so many who had been unable to communicate their war experiences to loved ones. And for veterans, Lloyd’s film had shown them that they were not alone in their experiences and that their service and immeasurable contribution were venerated. For some, Commitment & Sacrifice helped heal some of the psychological wounds left decades ago and in this, Lloyd saw great potential and value in the power of film. This realization led Lloyd to found the Commitment & Sacrifice Foundation.

Utilizing his extensive experience covering combat in conflicts around the world and across decades, Lloyd’s unique approach to filmmaking creates an intimate film experience, rich with perspective and void of political agenda. Lloyd’s films capture the bravery, selflessness, and patriotism of military generations past and present, unifying military men and women across service branches and time, through the common aspects of their service and experiences.

The Commitment & Sacrifice Foundation is dedicated to producing quality films for military personnel, veterans and their families. The generosity of donors allows for production and distribution of such films. Copies of Lloyd's films have been distributed by Veterans Affairs for use in their facilities across the country, to help veterans re-adjust from the war experience.

Lloyd and Major General Maury Edmonds were invited to Washington DC in October 2007 to present Shakey’s Hill to meet with the Advisory Committee on the Readjustment of Veterans and discuss the film’s therapeutic value. The purpose of the Advisory Committee on the Readjustment of Veterans is “To provide advice to the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on policies, organizational structures, and the provision and coordination of services to address veterans’ post-war readjustment to civilian life, with particular emphasis on post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, other substance abuse, post-war employment and family adjustment.” After viewing and discussing the film the committee concluded the following:

“The unanimous judgment of the Committee following its viewing of the documentary film Shakey’s Hill, was that the film was of significant therapeutic value to veterans and family members. In addition to the actual combat footage in Vietnam, the film promoted the role of family, peers and community in war veterans’ readjustment through film footage showing a reunion among the surviving veterans in the present day. The Committee understands that VA can not endorse products intended for commercial gain. However, the film’s producer, Mr. Norman Lloyd, has established a not for profit organization to help him defray the personal cost of promoting his film. The Committee recommends that VA give consideration to any ethically feasible means to promote the widest distribution of this film at VA Vet Centers and other VA facilities for viewing by the widest possible veteran audience.”

For more information on Shakey’s Hill and other Commitment and Sacrifice Foundation films, please visit our films page for more information, trailers and updates.