Films : Cover Me

Cover Me

A Norman Lloyd Film

Completed, 2009

Combat Operational Stress continues to impact a growing number of Marines and Sailors returning from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a historic effort, the US Marine Corps is taking a proactive stance against the stigma associated with Combat Operational Stress and is urging Marines and Sailors to seek treatment for their post-deployment issues. Through interviews with Marine Corps leadership, such as General James T. Conway, Commandant of the US Marine Corps; mental health professionals, experienced in diagnosing and treating Combat Operational Stress; and Marines and Sailors diagnosed with and treated for Combat Operational Stress, this film examines the causes and symptoms of Combat Operational Stress, to dispel the common misconception (among the military) that having Combat Operational Stress is a sign of weakness.

To view this documentary, please visit The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

  • [Cover Me]...was phenomenal and I would like to share it with my troop support group and my family. My boyfriend is having a lot of problems with this and I would like people to understand what he is going through.
  • ...I was a nurse who had two tours in Vietnam and I would like to share this video with others. Perhaps they will understand ‘us’ better.
  • ...I have two kids who are Marines and I am proud of them; this movie was wonderful and helped me understand a lot about war. Thank you so much.